Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knit: "Purple Haze" Scarf - Mellow Shades of Relaxed Comfort

A lovely purple scarf done on my knitting board with two rows of crocheted stitches at each end for an added finish.

It's half the width of my usual scarves and much longer.  It looks bright and perfect for a rainy California day and wonderful for an added color boost. It feels long, luscious and fantastic on.

And the best part?  I created it without skipping even one looping stitch on my board! Something tells me that I'm getting better at this knitting board thing.

Inspiration for name idea came from Groove Armada's "Purple Haze." Music video below: 

I get ideas and inspirations from songs. It's part of how my creativity communicates with me. Doesn't hurt that I love listening to Groove Armada tracks and love this album. The whole album is great music to create by.

More pretty photos:

Project: "Purple Haze" scarf

Medium: Knit via knitting board. Bottom finished with two rows of crotchet stitches.

Description: Three awesome shades of purple.

Sourcing: All skeins sourced from Micheal's, this time. They seem have a larger selection and more variety of Vanna's Choice than Joann's.

Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice® Yarn
Dusty Purple - Cool light purple
Article: #860-146   UPC: 023032861463

Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice® Yarn:
Purple - Medium purple
Article: #860-147   UPC: 023032861470

Loops and Threads Impeccable(tm) 
Color 01310 Amethyst 

Review Details: This was my fourth official knitting board project.

I woke up from a dream with the idea to do a purple scarf.  I did a quick sketch and later in the day, picked up the skeins from Micheal's and set to work.

I love it! Scarftastic! Plus, I'm seriously considering the idea of creating and selling them based on this model.

Now, I'm off to brainstorm the color combinations that will bring Beth Orton's song, "Daybreaker" - the Four Tet Remix off of her album "The Other Side of Daybreak" to life as a scarf. But, not have it look like "Ventura Beach" - Crocheted Long Scarf. I'm thinking perhaps a collection of blue....

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