Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sew: The Dinner Party Dress - Simplicity 2580 with Vogue 8379 sleeves

Nothing says "wear me to a nice dinner party at Kendall's Brasserie and Bar in Downtown Los Angeles" quite  like Simplicity 2580 with sleeves.

"What what?" You might find yourself asking. "Simplicity 2580 doesn't have sleeves! It comes with those kind of kiddy playtime flutter sleeve caps! Those aren't sleeves - those are arm cap sunburn protectors!"

But, Vogue 8379 has sleeves. Perfect 3/4th sleeves. Connect the dots. Knit to knit. Can it work?

Well, in my best Kool-Aid man voice, "Ohhhh yeah..."


I had a delightful time wearing Midnight Goddess (Simplicity 2580, View C) at my University's alumni mixer at XIV by Micheal Mina. Fantastic restaurant with a wonderful and friendly wait staff and a delightfully conversational doorman (who is great to talk to while waiting for you car) made for a great evening. The color, the feel of the fabric on my skin, the JC Penney body shaper (it's a knit dress, after all), the complimentary wine - it was a perfect night with a dress that made me feel feminine and beautiful.

Upon returning from my night out, I stared at the red pointe double knit bottom mishap of Sew: Mashup Fail= Simplicity 3503 halter bodice with Simplicity 2580 waist and skirt combo. I knew that I had 2 yards of recently purchased red pointe from JoAnn's, waiting to be used, was ready to go to salvage the Bastard Child. Originally, I was going to make a birthday dress for my mother from it. But, since I decided to give her Sew: It's a Wrap! - Butterick 5030 Wrap Dress as her present instead, I had to ponder some key ideas. What to do with the red that I haven't done before?

Instantly, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to create Simplicity 2580 with sleeves. But, how to make it the laziest and quickest way possible? Why not from another knit based pattern with full sleeves.

Of course, there are a few corrections I've considered making. Honestly, I feel that the double knit is too heavy to drape properly with for view C tab pull down. One would have to put the dress on and do select 1/4th" take ins in select areas to compensate for smoothness.  I'll take that into consideration for the maxi dress length version that I'll make next time. Lighter will be better.

I also want to make a white dress, as I've never owned a completely white dress. Plus, I have a fantastic pair of bright blue heels that are begging to be worn in a complimentary manner.

Regardless,  I'm ridiculously proud of my confident continued forays into sewing.


Simplicity 2580 with Vogue 8379 sleeves




Misses formal dresses in 2 lengths with different top choices. View C with sleeves from Vogue 8379, knit wrap dress.

Pattern Sizing:

20 bodice, 20 - 22 gradient from below bust to hip. 20 sleeve

Were the instructions easy to follow?

This was my 3rd time doing this pattern. I didn't even look at them


Fabric from JoAnn's Etc. Sew Classics Knits, Tango Red Ponte Roma. $12.99 per yard.

True to Illustration

True to my photograph :-)

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  1. Added sleeves.

Tips and Techniques:

  • Baste where needed as close to the edge as possible
  • For the sleeves, do two rows for easing. It will help your sleeves go in perfectly.

Things I Would Change If I Made It Again:

I need to do a small amount of stitching to balance out minor pulling in random areas.


If you can't already tell, I love this dress. It's a wonderful pattern who's versatility is only dependent on your imagination and knit fabric choice.

I'm really excited to make this dress in the long skirt view. It will be wonderful for a nice night out at the Hollywood Bowl or just being happy wearing something I made well.


  1. You did a wonderful job and your garment photography is impeccable!

  2. Beautiful! I agree, your photography is stunning!

  3. I agree with Erica and Adrienne. Great presentation of your dress! I am glad you are the Featured Member of PR today since it is how I found your blog.

  4. Erica and Adrienne - I'm in gratitude of your appreciation of my love of photography! :-) It I enjoy reading both of your websites as well.

    Susan - THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting that I was today's Featured Member of PR! I had no idea! That definitely brought a smile to my face!

  5. Hi. I found your blog via your PR review for Butterick 5030. Thought that would be a cute dress for me so am reading up a bit. Your review may well have saved me lots of headache!

    So I came across your blog and then saw those beautiful photos on the right side and read your write-ups for the other dresses you've sewn recently. Tssss! Hot! Ooh baby, those Simplicity 2580 dresses!? loveLoveLOVE 'em to bits.

    You really do inspire me to leave my comfort zone (quilting, where seams need to match up for looks not because they'll go over any curvy body parts) and venture into the world of clothing sewing (because, well, I -do- have curvy body parts and have a tough time finding clothes, esp tops, that really fit and make me feel ten feet tall and bullet proof...or at least confident and sexy! LOL)

    Ms Craft Knit Sew, you are the wind beneath my wings.

    Your fan,
    Lori (a former west coastie now living in the UK)