Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Reaquainted with your Mother's 10+ year old Serger is Not Easy...

But, at least I'm not afraid of it like I was when I was 13. When she first purchased it, I remember being amazed by what it could do. I didn't know the first bit about truly sewing. But, I knew about playing with machines and fabric, much to my mother's chagrin.

Fast forward to now. The serger was sitting a box, lonely and forlorn. My mother had long since moved on from her interest in sewing. There left only me and my desire to overcome my discomfort of the complicated machine.

I kept visualizing the finished edges and how pretty they would look. Then, I became determined to do it. I followed the color guides on the machine, followed the illustrations in the manual and finally - after all of these years - did it!

The reason why I was so interested in fixing the serger?

There's a project that I discovered on Presser Foot: Inspiration Anthro : Catch and Release Scarf . I won't get into details yet - as I'm doing a few reviews this week on the different projects I've been working on. But, I'm inspired by how I've taught myself how to use elastic thread to gather fabric, based on the tutorial.

Most importantly, I've fixed the Singer serger so that I do not have to do annoying pressed rolled hems to finish the edges!

More updates to come soon!  Until then, check out my new cooking blog, The Farmer, Cook and Spoon.

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