Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sew: The Wrap Dress of Legends - Vogue 8379

I love this dress. I love this dress. I love this dress. I love this dress. I love this dress.
I love this dress.

This was my first pattern review on Pattern! I was so proud of myself.
I made this dress specifically for a Founder's Day Gala dinner that I was attending as an alumni at my university.  It was a delight!

Pattern review here:


Vogue 8379




Wrap Front Dress has soft side pleats, side tie, and sleeve variations.

Pattern Sizing:

Size 20

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes! However, I did top stitching over certain areas for a more polished look.


A beautiful heavy black double knit, from Joann's Fabrics in Porter Ranch. It was a great way to use a 50% off coupon.

True to Illustration


Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

Waistline: Reading the other reviews, I realized that I needed to drop the waistline down an inch. After one rather tragic first mistake with the wrong amount dropped and wrong fabric, I found success in studying others' reviews and visualizing how I wanted the final product to look. Volia!

Shoulders: I had to make the shoulder cap more recessed, as the bodice shoulders didn't fit right for me. Great learning experience for my first successful shoulder installation. Even my mother, with her very keen eye, said that it was a great job.

Top Stitching: I top stitched the three pleats to create a stronger visual draw to the bust line. It definitely made a difference.

Tips and Techniques:

Just cut straight and sew with your ball point needle! It's so easy and fun.

Things I Would Change If I Made It Again:

Well, I would change / will change one thing:

Facing: I would do a wider facing or something more substantial. Because of the shortness of the facing - especially the back - it constantly pops out. Make sure to tack it down at the shoulder seams or sew it into the back at the shoulder. I would also, for my next version, consider using seam binding tape for the side pieces instead of the facings. Seriously! They look ridiculous, as they pop out way too easy upon putting the garment on.

Belt: The belt is too short for me.


I have worn this dress twice and everyone thinks that it's RTW. I even walked next to someone who was wearing a DVF and silently studied the differences in design. With my heavier fabric and pleating - and the lower price tag, I'm happy I can make this dress over and over again! My only problem is finding a fabric store with a good knit selection.

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  1. This is my favorite wrap dress pattern. Great job!