Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musing: "Daybreaker"

"We, we burn our boats each new year
Silently watching the flames and the old life disappear
We're burning new sunrise into yesterday's skies
An ashen fingerprint melts into the sea

-"Daybreaker" by Beth Orton

I took this photo during my last trip to Santa Cruz, California. The ocean was breaking violently onto the jagged cliffs below where I stood. I had wanted to see the natural bridges. Instead, I stood overlooking the ocean as the sun met the horizon. I noticed a single man that dared to go further than the rest of us, climbing down to the beach and upon this ledge. The ocean crashed upon the stone in front of him as he stared. Then, quite calmly, he turned and walked away.  

This song means so much to me on so many different levels. Maybe it's time I started teaching myself how to drape and make this feeling of emotion that this song invokes within me interpreted through a dress vs a scarf's color scheme. 

The energy of emotion and creativity is so intertwined within me. Which is why I'm so connected to the music that I listen to. I love music with lyrics that make sense and speak volumes regarding the various shades of the human condition. 

This certainly will be a creatively interesting project.

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