Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knit: "Ventura Beach" - Crocheted Long Scarf

This was the spark of inspiration that started my knitting journey. The Sunday morning following my first Craft's Day with Sewing, Crafts, & Creative Projects @ Los Angeles, I woke up with very weird idea to knit a blanket. That blanket turned into this rather pretty long, undulating in color scarf.

Yarn used for this gorgeous work: Caron Jumbo Print Yarn (10-oz) - Country Basket Ombre, also available from your local JoAnn's. 

More photos after the jump...

.. and here they are!

Looking over my photos, I'm still amazed by how one simple thought led to a completely new realm of possibilities. If I hadn't thought about attending my first crafting group experience, I wouldn't have been inspired to crochet. Likewise, I wouldn't have been on the knitting path I am today.

Going to a crafting group is so helpful for creativity. I think everyone should consider it a part of their monthly events.

You never know what outlet your creativity will next come through.  Being with a group of other creatives allows you to ask questions, share knowledge and have fun.

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