Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knit: "For The Love of Grey" Scarf

Standing in the far back corner of my local JoAnn Etc in Porter Ranch, I stared at the array of yarn skeins in front of me.

"For my first knitting board project," I thought. "What would be the prettiest yarns to use? I mean, I want to actually wear it and not have my mother make fun of me. Hummm..."

Up and down the aisle I walked, browsing my possibilities. I touched and felt yarns, pondered bulk versus price, picked up stray steins and held them to others. Would this color go well with this? What about this? But, this one is so luxuriously soft!

Slowly, I narrowed it down to shades of grey. Then, it was the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice® selection of colors. Finally,  I settled on three rather distinctive and beautiful shades of grey.

Project: "For The Love of Grey" scarf

Medium: Knit via knitting board

Description: A 14" wide and 42" length scarf, done on a 28" knitting board, utilizes the the classic double knit stockinette stitch. Color blocks weave together the colors of silver grey, medium grey and dark heather grey.

Sourcing: All skeins are Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice® yarn, sourced from Joann's Etc.

Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice® Yarn
Dark Grey Heather
Article: #860-404   UPC: 023032864044
Deep grey with strands of lightest grey

Silver Grey
Article: #860-149   UPC: 023032861494
Medium sterling gray

Charcoal Grey
Article: #860-151   UPC: 023032861517
Dark gray

Review Details: This was my second official knitting board project.

While knitting, I spaced the row weaves by the spread width of my thumb and pointer finger. That pretty much amounted to about half of the skein, based on how wide my cast on row was.

Overall, this was an easy knit of 1/2 silver grey, 1/2 skein charcoal grey, 2 skeins of dark grey heather, 1/2 skein charcoal grey and completing in 1/2 skein silver grey.

I love this color blocking pattern and have since done it again here: http://craftknitsew.blogspot.com/2011/03/peacock-is-finally-finished-off.html. The thickness and length pairs fabulously well with a nice trench coat. Every time I have worn this scarf, I've received compliments. It's beautiful.

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