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My New Dress Form - Uniquely You

Photo from Atlanta Thread and
One day, not so long ago (okay, it was February), a curious young woman walked into Mood Fabrics on Pico, eager to explore the world of designer fabrics once again. For the past week, the sewing bug had bitten her, pushing her to connect fabric with thread.

"To sew! To sew!" she thought. "I simply have to sew!"

She had a pattern in mind, Very Easy Vogue 8379. But, she wanted to stick a toe in a pond other than JoAnn's Etc for the moderate stretch fabric the pattern required.

So, on this rather normal day, she walked into Mood Fabrics. Passing a Wolf / PGM style dress form, she asked asked the first young sales associate she saw about its' sizing. Realizing that professional form sizing wasn't going to cover her behind, literally, she as the young sales person if she personally owned one.

"No", the young woman replied. "I actually have a 'Uniquely You' dress form."

"Uniquely You", the curious shopper asked. "What's that?"

Numerous web searches, a failed YouTube search and many, many comparisons to Wolf, PGM and even the handy dandy Singer DF151_G Adjustable Dress Form, Gray, Medium that varies in price on later - I finally had my complete answer.

The Uniquely You dress form, manufactured by a rather straight talking man from North Carolina, is a sewer's dream. Gap-less, customizable and fit to your own body time, the Uniquely You dress form offers the sewer and designer a truest to form fit model of their own body. So, instead of buying a standard fit Wolf and having to pad it out to oblivion -  or an adjustable My Twin Double for way more than it's worth - you can have a form that is pinable, drapable and actually helpful.

As my mother knows, I enjoy and have an OCD about researching potential purchases. I compared the three most popular websites for price comparisons and customer reviews.
Why, if three websites offered the same product for the same price, would I buy it from a store in Louisiana? Because Atlanta Thread and Supply charged a flat $20 for shipping vs.'s $50. Since all supply comes from the straight talking man in Greensboro, North Carolina, why pay $30 more? As my mother told me while growing up - money talks.

Now, you might be asking yourself this: How does she know that the manufacturer is a straight talking man from North Carolina? Because I called his number, 1-800-951-FORM with a pretty important sizing question regarding which form and cover to order. He was helpful but straight to the point. When I called him again later in the week to check on my shipping status, he confirmed that it was going out the next day (he only ships them once a week) and continued to give me suggestions on stabilizing the form's base and helpful draping instruction leads. (Tip: He suggested using a planter's bottom, putting the base of the dress form in it and then filling it with filling it with plaster of Paris or gravel)

So, as I am patiently waiting for my form to be delivered this Friday, I decided to write a post that accumulates my web searches and research for others interested in the Uniquely You.

1. Sherril Miller, a Pattern's member's amazing board post regarding her Uniquely You augmentation process: Sherril Miller's post.
  • Mrs. Miller was essential in my understanding of the complete augmentation process. 
  • She shows detailed photos of how she fitted the sloper to her body.
  • Her website is here:
2. dre_ah, another sewer who's website popped up during my research, offers more photos and notes as to how to create the best fit for your form:
  • More great tips in her *Fitting the Over Dress Notes*
    3. The comments section on had many helpful comments speaking of customer successes with the form:

    4. While at March's crafting day meetup, I stood up and asked if anyone had a dress form. Someone chimed in that she did. Which form did she have? Why, an Uniquely You! She bought the form right before she got pregnant. So, her shape had changed. However, when I asked her if she liked the form during the time she had it match her then size, she affirmed that she did.

    In conclusion, I'm extremely appreciative of the dress form that is on it's way to me via UPS Ground.
    I'm most likely not going to name it, as that's not my style. But, I am going to teach myself proper fitting techniques so that I don't have to walk around in high heels, a bra and panties while sewing up a dress to continuously check proper fit and length.

    Sometimes, it's the little things - like a form that allows the sewer to walk around it and see their garment as a three dimensional product separate from themselves - that can make a world of difference.

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