Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cutting Tools: Rotary Cutters, Pinking Shears and Weighted Scissors

For a breath of fresh air, I decided to start construction of another dress, Simplicity 2580, instead of finishing my black, white and turquoise go around of strapless Vogue 8184.

I measured the pattern, scaled my proper size on pattern paper, cut it out and then cut on the fabric. Volleying between my various cutting tools, I suddenly was in strong appreciation of how each tool made constructing garments easier. So, to help others, I decided to do a post regarding my selection.

Photo Brand, Description and Summary
OLFA Quick-Change Rotary Cutter

After working for years with my heavy Morplan fabric scissors, I became frustrated that my cutting lines continued to be jagged and nonconstructive in final pattern assembly. Standing over my table, the inspiration for purchasing a rotary cutter popped into my mind.

Standing in the rotary cutter / quilting aisle of JoAnn's, I did the pros and cons between the Fiskars and Olfa brand. After a quick search on, I decided to go with the Olfa and am very happy I did. Why? Because the quick retraction and ease of use makes the rotary cutter glide over the fabric in fast, smooth, straight lines.

OLFA Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

I bought this rotary cutter after I cut one too many patterns with the Quick Change cutter. I wanted to try something new - but was uncertain as to if I would actually like constantly using it.

Well, once I go home and felt it in my hands, I immediately switched it's blades with my Quick Change, giving this one the duller of the blades. This regulated it to my "paper cutter." Why? Because after using it repeatedly, I realized that it wasn't that comfortable for me. I didn't want it to be the first one I reached for when I needed to cut fabrics. Plus, as I trained myself to always invoke the safety mechanism when the blade was not in use, using a simple slide of my thumb, the red push button just didn't feel "right" for me.

It works well as my paper cutter and I enjoy it much better than using traditional scissors.

Regular Cutting Scissors

I pretty much use these regular cutting scissors as my pattern paper cutting scissors.  I also use these for quick cuts of thread and other randoms when my Quick-Change is out of reach.

Weighted Fabric Scissors

 I purchased these heavy delights while at my study aboard at AIU London during undergrad. When I used them, I felt bad ass. However, over the years I realized that they were just too heavy for me. As such, all of my cuts were jagged and silly looking.

Because my mother is Old School, she likes them. But, I'm VERY happy that I made the switch to rotary cutters.
Fiskars Pinking Shears
I use these for lining. Annoying, easy to fray lining and other light weight fabrics. 

I hope this helps someone else in their shearing journey. Now, time to put another cut of Hazelnut coffee in my coffee maker, grab a butter croissant and get back to playing with fabric.

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