Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Process: "Purple Haze", Second Block of Purple

I'm really enjoying the shorten version of my scarf pattern. I'm halfing it based on my usual, generously wide scarf cast on width and making it longer.  While I was at favorite local Starbucks tonight, enjoying a warm cocoa cappuccino, one of the friendly baristas asked about my knitting board. The same thing happened when I walked with it at the Santa Monica Plaza food court yesterday. It's so fun showing people how it works!

Yes, I walked around with a knitting board in Santa Monica. Why? Because I wanted to knit before attending Wine Riot LA 2011 (which was fantastic, by the way. Great chance to volunteer during set up and then enjoy fantastic wines) and I'm cool like that. Besides, who wouldn't want to knit while sitting and overlooking glimpses of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean?

Duh, winning!

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